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Using goals to achieve your dreams
Many people don’t find budgeting and saving easy, nor is it on top of their priority list. Most of us are programmed to look for short cuts, or believe that with a bit of luck – and rising house prices – ‘we’ll be right’. But in reality, saving for the lifestyle we want does require a degree of discipline and an active interest in looking after your finances. And one of the easiest ways to do this is by setting up some short, medium and long term financial goals.

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Northern Territory Concession Scheme and Northern Territory Seniors Recognition Scheme
From 1 July 2018 the Northern Territory Government will introduce the NT Concession Scheme (NTCS) and NT Seniors Recognition Scheme (NTSRS).

More than 24 000 Territorians are currently members of the NT Pensioner and Carer Concession Scheme. These members will transition to the new NTCS and may be eligible to join the NTSRS.

Members of the existing scheme have until 31 December 2018, to confirm their eligibility for the new schemes, they will not be affected by the 1 July change over.

Benefits of the new NT Seniors Recognition Scheme are not available until members have confirmed their eligibility.

Members will continue to receive the concessions that were available as part of the previous scheme but with capped amounts for electricity and water.

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A budget can help you work out what you’re spending money on and when.

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Finalists Announced #TelstraBizAwards

It's an honour to be named as a #TelstraBizAwards Finalist.

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See how we support the community

We are passionate about making a difference in people's lives by contributing to and supporting our local community. Here are some of the organisations we support.

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" All of the team in this very family orientated and professionally run practice are very courteous and respond promptly to any enquiries I may have from time to time. Paul is a great well informed planner and someone I hold great confidence in. Alex shows great leadership in this practice and I know he strives for...
Anonymous - Client Survey 2016
" I am very happy with the advice from my Financial Planner, he comes across as really knowing what he is talking a bout, and has been very helpful to me. All staff I have met have also been very good and friendly. "
Anonymous - Client Survey 2016
" Our Financial Planner has a clear understanding of what we hope to achieve and clearly explains the strategies and any risks associated. "
Anonymous - Client Survey 2016
" Friendly and knowledgeable staff, great central location, provides solutions to what causes us to lie awake at night worrying. "
Anonymous - Client Survey 2016
" Very happy with my entire setup. I'm glad I joined up with All Financial Services NT. "
Anonymous - Client Survey 2016