Viv Stretton

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Adv Dip FP
Job Title: 
Strategy Co-Ordinator

What you do at AFS?

At All Financial Services I spend my time working with the advice team to ensure our client's needs are being met. Having a broad range of skills means that my job description is not just one thing, but instead I suppose I am a bit of a Jack Of All Trades. I respond to client's direct enquiries and those from related fund managers and other service professionals. I prepare and assist with the regular review process, and assist with the preparation and implementation of formal advice, along with anything else that comes up. I am pretty hands on!

Why the financial planning profession?

I found the financial planning industry by accident when I joined a small practice as an office manager in 2004. I quickly realised I had a skill for helping clients identify, plan for, and achieve their goals, and just as importantly I love doing it! I have been lucky enough to have worked in several planning practices with a variety of advisors, offering a whole range of planning services. I have undertaken most of the roles available in a professional practice, including a short period as a licensed financial advisor myself, resulting in a great foundation of knowledge to help clients with almost anything.

Why did you choose AFS?

I came to AFS with a group of clients who were integrated from another smaller financial planning practice where I was working at the time. It has been a good fit because AFS is a group of people who have diverse backgrounds and industry experience which means every day, even after so many years in the industry, I still get the opportunity to learn, help with and/or participate in something new or different.

Why should people seek financial advice?

Often when people think about financial planning they are overwhelmed by the scope and complexity of the whole big picture. Our job is to help people focus on what they want to achieve and devise strategies to assist them to break it all down into simple, manageable pieces they can use as a mud map to get them where they're going.

What does your photo say about you?

I love music, and am rarely seen without ear buds piping music straight into my brain as I go about my day. My other passion is Yoga; however, no one looks glamorous being photographed while holding a Yoga pose

Tell us something we don't already know about you.

I am a bit of a cry baby! I love a good cry over a classic movie or great book, even the ones with happy endings can make me cry.