Levels of service

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At All Financial Services, we sometimes describe our service programs as being similar to those offered in a gym.

We have two service levels you can choose from:

  1. the Private Client Service
  2. the Essentials Program



1. The Private Client Service

Our top-level service is like having your own personal fitness trainer who waits for you at the gym and calls if you don't show up.

If you opt for our Private Client Service, you're teamed up with your own financial planner who will put you in control of your financial future and help you achieve your lifestyle goals. They will keep you accountable. And you can call on them at any time for advice, guidance or other services.

If you choose to be an AFS Private Client, you'll receive:

  • a highly experienced financial adviser who will guide you through the maze of financial options that you can talk to whenever you want to
  • a comprehensive, tailored financial plan
  • a major annual review of your total financial position, objectives and strategy
  • half-yearly portfolio reviews
  • ongoing advice to help you stay on track
  • newsletters and investment updates relevant to your portfolio
  • an invitation to the AFS Annual Client Briefing, where our team and guest speakers discuss current investment issues.



2. The Essentials Program

Our Essentials Program is like having a swipe card to use the gym and go to classes whenever you like, just without the personal trainer cracking the whip.

As a member of our Essentials Program, you'll have access to our client service managers whenever you need advice or have a question. They will arrange for you to speak with a financial planner as needed. You might not need to meet with a planner every single year, but the option is there if you need it.

This basic-level service package is for our clients in a reasonably straightforward financial situation and who don't have complex ongoing financial demands.

The Essentials Program may be suitable for you if:

  • you have goals you want to achieve but don't expect a significant change in your financial situation in the short to medium term
  • you have a small number of managed investments
  • you've been retired for some time or are not due to retire for a long time.

The main components of the Essentials Program are:

  • Access to our team of financial planners, administration and technical support staff, who you can contact any time by phone, email or in person.
  • Answers, clarification and information our Essentials team can give you over the phone is at no additional cost, and we encourage you to take advantage of this.
  • Our team checking in every year about whether a review meeting is needed to adjust your financial or investment strategy. If you need advice more frequently or your circumstances change and you need more complex advice, we will provide this at an extra fee.
  • A copy of our 'Bulletin' newsletter twice a year, which has stories on investment markets, financial strategies and relevant lifestyle issues.
  • An invitation to our annual dry season client event where we and guest speakers will give you a run down on the Federal Budget and an update on investment markets and relevant lifestyle issues.